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Submission of Sermons.

Interested preachers should submit sermons in CDs or DVDs. We DO NOT accept non-digital formats, e.g tapes and cassettes. If preachers must submit sermons in tapes, it attracts appropriate charges of conversion (from tapes to CDs.)

Individuals can sponsor sermons by their favourite ministers subject to copyright laws
Sermons could also be mailed online in .wav or MP3 formats to
info@nigeriansermons.com or interest@nigeriansermons.com
Do not forget to send
a. Two (2) pictures of the preacher.
b. A brief introduction of the preacher, the history, address and phone numbers of your church.
c. A synopsis of the sermon, title, theme and when preached.
An audio sermon costs N5,000 per Message.
30 minutes video cost N10,000 per message.
After one year, the sermons go into archives but remains accessible.
To maintain your archive, no matter the number of sermons there, costs N10, 000. To submit new sermons attracts the same original charges of N5, 000 each PA.
Sermons once published cannot be removed. Our goal is trans-generational: to help you be relevant to generations to come by keeping your sermons online forver.
Submission: By post or hand delivery to:
The Editor,
Livingprojects Ltd,
112, Aladelola Street,
By Apaola, Ikosi,
Ketu Lagos, Nigeria.

Phone Numbers:


How to submit Sermons
To broadcast your messages on this website, interested preachers should submit sermons in CDs or DVDs. More >>>
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