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Pastor Bisi Adewale
Living Home Foundation, Lagos.
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Dec 26, 2012, 2012 12:20:50 PM
That God should uphold and see us through our courtship. That nothing evil wil happen between both of us
Pemisire     3,afubiowo street matador house akure    
Oct 16, 2012, 2012 10:15:43 AM
pls what are d pillars of marriage
olateju akinola     FHA Estate lugbe abuja    
May 24, 2012, 2012 08:10:00 AM
Our dear(pastor Bisi Adewale) and beloved covenant kingdom family greetings to you in Jesus name(Living Home Foundation) I am grateful to reach you this season of His grace and mercy, what a great joy and moment time of the risen Savior and Lord,I am so much excited and ever trusting in His everlasting arms; I write to let you to know that, I am interested of connecting with you and becoming one of your ministry extension in Liberia, West Africa. Reason is that, we want to be train,equip,develop and empower for the great commission and the expansion of the kingdom of God in reaching our own natives and the region of West Africa respectively with the gospel of Jesus Christ and with this vision of yours and we do believed that, with connecting with you and becoming one of your ministry extension in West Africa,Liberia,it will really impact lives and become an interesting opportunity for many of us and of our pastors and ministers and leaders that we are working with and also in reaching to our neighboring countries like Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Ghana and others that we do have kingdom extension fellowship and connection with you. We do hope that you will give this kingdom request to you your timely consideration and will be able to hear from you by His special grace and divine power and do trust that all is well with you and wish you all a blessed Easter and looking forward to hearing from you at your convenience time and wish that the good God shall make every thing possible Because with God all things are possible.Until then, may His divine presence go with us all as we celebrate His resurrection this week and have a great impartation to impact others in our lives by His special grace.In Him all things are fulfilled for His glory, honor and praise Yours in His service Bishop Jeremiah,Roseline and beloved saints Living waters Fellowship Church Liberia, West Africa +231-880871978 jeremiah_cgc@yahoo.com idtacademyliberia1991@yahoo.com
Bishop Jeremiah Joyous Nimely,Sr     P.O. Box 1779,1000 Monrovia,10 Liberia,West Africa    
May 18, 2012, 2012 08:59:34 AM
Hi pastor! I just want to know if reading erotic stories for the purpose of getting more bedroom tricks is sin.
heri     7725    
May 11, 2012, 2012 05:16:37 AM
Hello sir, I need help urgently. Am about moving out of my husband house cos of the numerous challenges. Am 12 years in marriage. for a year ad some months now, my husband and I have nt made love, as if that was nt enough he has this set of friends he mixes up wt anytime he goes to them, he comes home late and very drunk. I don't know what to do, anytime he does this ad comes home, its like I should leave the marriage. I am really fed up.
Yoroh Bukola Abosede     412 rd c close gowon estate    
Feb 07, 2012, 2012 02:06:17 AM
I have fallen so much in love with this ministy and hope to join the College of Marital Success on-line only that i have failed to access any information.
Joweriah Butele     1st Street Ind. Area    
Dec 10, 2011, 2011 11:39:23 PM
Good work! Good messages from Niheria.
Lon Jua Sin     Kualar Lumpur,    
Dec 10, 2011, 2011 11:35:38 PM
My sister in Makurdi sent this link to me and i have been taking instructions from your messages. Thank you so much for the homes you are building. I hope i can listen to some more new powerful messages from the throne of grace.
Sarah Kantiok Gemade     Harlem, New York    
Dec 10, 2011, 2011 11:32:40 PM
Can we hear new messages. Please update the ones here, they are stale already. I have listened to them over a hundred times. GBU!
Idayat Onikoyi (mrs)     Karimu street, Orile, Lagos    
Dec 07, 2011, 2011 01:36:20 AM
God has been blessing us tru ur books & ur mges, The anointing of God wil never run dry frm ur life sir. God bles u more nd more. Pls sir hv been waitng on God 4 a life partner & i hv giving up what am holding, i wt u 2 enligth me more & bcus hav been waiting 4 long. God bless u sir.
Olaleye Abimbola janet     Iwo road academy ib    
Sep 23, 2011, 2011 07:11:31 AM
I want to hear powerful messege from you Sir,
Greatness     510773 chipata    
Apr 18, 2011, 2011 04:33:49 PM
Your sermons are forever building my family.
Thokoza     lusaka    
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