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Rev. (Mrs.) Chris Eneli
Christ Healing & Deliverance Sanctuary, Apapa
Books by Rev. (Mrs.) Chris Eneli
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Oct 06, 2012, 2012 05:43:49 AM
i need GOD deliverance and his healings for every sitiuations that surrouds me in JESUS name Amen and Amen.
Nov 10, 2011, 2011 01:32:53 AM
Mummy pls always remember me in your prayers for God to always impact in me his wisdom and knowledge in dealing with my day to day activities.mummy u have really put life in me again.it takes a person with a spirtual eyes to know the effectiveness of that great ministry.
sis gladys        
Apr 05, 2011, 2011 09:13:20 PM
May Good Lord contuine to strengthen you.
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