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Rev. Afolabi Coker
The King's Chamber, Lagos Nigeria
Books by Rev. Afolabi Coker
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Jan 12, 2013, 2013 10:44:17 PM
i run a ministry in us need to connect with you sir
margaret alasa     usa    
Aug 27, 2012, 2012 04:06:10 AM
Sir pray for the finger of God to tuch my ministry
Aniekan Essen     Akwa Ibom state    
Jun 30, 2012, 2012 03:52:45 PM
PASTOR, I saw your website online and decided to write you. I was diagnosed of HIV/AIDS in the past two years, and need God to heal me from this sickness. I want you to pray for me and ask God to heal me, Also I need God's favor and blessing to pave way for success in my life, so i can stop leaving an immoral life. I am Rita Samuel, 23yrs old.
Mar 02, 2012, 2012 09:44:55 AM
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 05:32:42 PM
Lord find me faithful: This sermon humbled me. May the Lord find me faithful. May I not do this work in vain. In Jesus name.
Rev Toriola.     Festac, Lagos    
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 05:31:53 PM
God lives and works in Nigeria really. This is another great preacher from Nigeria.
Zewedi John     Kitale    
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 05:31:10 PM
I have listened to all the sermon. God has deposited a wealth of knowledge in his son. Pastor, the Lord will bring an increase into your life. These sermons increased my faith in God and my attitude to life has changed. I don't need anybody to tell me that God works in your ministry. I hope to visit you church anytime i return home. Meanwhile put your website together. The Lord increase you.
Johnson Ilemobola.     New Jersey.    
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 05:30:34 PM
With sermons like Men of Substance, what other sermon do i need to listen to. Since yesterday that I listen to it online, it has become my prayer that may God deposit His words in me so i can live a life that is worthy in His sight. Praise God.
Karl.     Mbabane    
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 05:29:51 PM
Is this the Pastor around Oshodi doing Settle me oh Lord? I love to listen to his radio programme when i was in Lagos. I am now in Kano on transfer. Its a wonderful experience to discover his sermons here. I clicked on the link to his website, nothing there. I am referring my friends home and abroad to this site. God bless.
Paul Olisa.     Kano    
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 05:29:10 PM
More sermons please.
Steve Koko-Baffour.     Accra    
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 05:28:35 PM
I heard of this preacher from my pastor who just came back from Nigeria. Great news about him but how can we get to know more of him. The link to his website took me no where.
Martha Koko-Baffour.     Accra    
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 05:27:37 PM
This is a great resource. I google the name of Pastor Coker of Settle me oh Lord and i found this site and another interview on www.elifeonline.net. I guess we as an individual in our nations are waking up. We are gradually taking the cyberspace for Jesus. Thanks be to God Almighty.
Mary Johnstone.     Liberia.    
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 05:26:53 PM
Impactful. All the sermons.
Bala Kaoje.     Bauchi    
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 05:26:01 PM
This is a wonderful work linking me to Pastor Afolabi Coker.
Modupeola Adeola. Lagos Nigeria.     Lagos    
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 05:25:09 PM
God has bless us with real men of God. When it seems nothing is working, is specially meant for me. This is my sermon of the year.
Pius.     Port Harcourt    
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 05:24:13 PM
Creative power for new beginnings: I need part two of the Creative power, the tape stopped towards end.
Morenike Jaiyeoba     NY    
Nov 12, 2011, 2011 10:25:49 AM
Great job is being done here. The messages of this preacher are touching and leading to self examination.
george mukesela     Port Elizabeth    
Aug 10, 2011, 2011 06:43:44 AM
Glory be to God. How can I get these CDs and DVDs in Kenya? Kindly help please. Bro Tom
Tom Odondi     90421 Mombasa    
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