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www.nigeriansermons.com: Making the world your parish
Rev. Bola Akin-John
International Institute of Church Health, Lagos.
Books by Rev. Bola Akin-John
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Jan 09, 2013, 2013 06:21:34 AM
Sir, God has used you to bless me and my husband a lot. we always listen to your massages. So we want to know more about growth because my husband is a pastor.
Blessing Perter Ejumi     Yenagoa    
Jun 16, 2012, 2012 03:30:59 PM
am bless by your leadership and church growth massage thanks for being a blessing to this generation more and oil to you for this great mandate.
pastor solomon c jackson     6 wosilatu street baruwa ijesha surulere lagos    
Jun 11, 2012, 2012 10:53:31 AM
dear sir,please help me pray,my mind is full of negative thought,doubt,jeaous mind and fear
samuel kargbo     sierra rutile    
Feb 04, 2012, 2012 02:26:44 PM
Good Evening Sir;i was privileged to listen to one of your conferences but not into detail,please i will want more of your ministry Church growth programme.God had privileged us to start our ministry about seven months ago.And we need enough church growth ingredients that can enable us to fulfil Gods agenda for us.Thanks Sir,care to hear from you.
Pastor Ademola David     16,Ogunkoya Street,Oshodi,Lagos    
Jan 06, 2012, 2012 10:49:40 PM
sir you are doing great work in they life of we Christians may almighty God bless and always replenish your ministry amen.
FAITHFUL O     91 agulu avenue awka    
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 12:24:47 AM
Great thoughts here. How can we invite Dr. John to Ghana?
Ofori Akosa,     Kumasi    
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 12:23:53 AM
May God increase your knowledge, Bishop Akin-John.
Anthonio Sansiro,     California    
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 12:22:59 AM
I attended the last conference in Lagos. I had wanted to meet Akin-john to show me who designed this website. This is a great work of evangelism. How can I meet with the owner of this website?
Akume John,     Makurdi    
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 12:22:17 AM
Now, I know Nigeria will improve someday through the churches. God has send Akin John to touch lives. I am really blessed with these sermons. Can we listen to new ones? How can we get the mp3 format to download?
Olanshile Godwin Igbagbodun     Igando Lagos.    
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 12:17:36 AM
When you have men like this always sounding note of warning, the only way the church can go is up. May the Love of God change our lives and our churches, especially, back home in Nigeria.
Laolu Daniel,     Bonn.    
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 12:15:30 AM
I have listened time and time again to these sermons. Please give us more sermons by this man of God.
Luo Kirenga,     Nairobi    
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 12:14:46 AM
Than God for this sermon, Static Pastors Stagnant churches. It has showed me that not only bible should I read. I have bought so many of his books and my spiritual view is expanding. Thanks for this website too.
Ishola Akinwumi, Lagos Nigeria.     Lagos    
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 12:13:55 AM
Its a great thing to be blessed with preachers who make use of the academic side of sermons to improve the church. Akin John has created an academic gamut when none existed. The beauty of the experience is that he is touching the whole world with his sermons and teaching. I pray the Lord bless us with more of such people in Jesus name.
Okon Simoni,     Jos    
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 12:12:57 AM
This man is sent. I pray God sends me too. It was a great experience in Kaduna. Praise God.
Agnes Ishaya,     Kabala Kaduna.    
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 12:12:13 AM
I had a wonderful opportunity to listen to him at Kaduna. Please come and come again. Can we have more sermons on this website please?
Zachariah Maitamaki,     Zonkwa Kaduna.    
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 12:11:36 AM
I wonder if you will be able to sustain our appetite formore sermons on this website. For instance, I visit this website every and I have listened to all the sermons here. Many of them are exactly 30 minutes and it does not assist us to know where the preacher concludes. I am richly blessed all the same. More sermons please.
Mika Luke,     ABU, Samaru Zaria    
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 12:10:48 AM
I bless God for the makers of this web site. Now we can hear Akin John directly. Please give us a sermon on marriage. Don't concentrate on church growth alone.
Ntiski Marlom,     Pretoria    
Dec 01, 2011, 2011 12:09:56 AM
May God give you the grace to come back to Uyo. Thank you.
Uno Abasi,     Uyo, Akwa Ibom State    
Nov 30, 2011, 2011 11:53:04 PM
Pastors financial freedom: This does not seem to be Akin John's voice. Is there a mistake? But a great sermon which has opened my eyes to so many things. Thank you for this facility.
Adenle Ilemobola,     KADUNA.    
Nov 30, 2011, 2011 11:52:20 PM
Its great to hear your voice having read so many of your books. I hope that after my graduation, I will have the opportunity of going to a bible school in Lagos and drink from your wisdom. Great works you are doing sir. Remain on top all the days of your life.
Sobaloju Adeola,     LAGOS    
Oct 24, 2011, 2011 02:09:06 AM
Truly you are an amanzing teacher of the word.
JEHOSHAPHAT     box 304 00507    
Aug 25, 2011, 2011 02:10:06 PM
Osinde Daniel     Tororo    
Jun 23, 2011, 2011 05:41:26 AM
Pls, Man of God, arrange some of your conference for Ado Ekiti. We need this truth you are discharging. E jo sir.
Daini Peter Olugbenga     Mercyland qrts, Ado    
Jun 22, 2011, 2011 10:02:43 PM
Sir, you are God's sent. I enjoy your messages I listened to on the net. I will be happy to have your DVD/CD. Give me text on 08062085528 how I can obtain my copies. Thanks
Daini Peter Olugbenga     Mercyland qrts, Ado    
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