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www.nigeriansermons.com: Making the world your parish
Benefits of this Website to Preachers

Making the world your parish

This is Nigeria's first sermon streaming web station. This website is visited by internet citizens all over the world. When you are listed here, the world becomes your parish.
Our goal is to be trans-generational. These sermons are kept on this internet library for ever, so that generations upon generations would be able to listen to sermons delivered by their forbears in generations past.
Compared to Radio or television stations, we are the best.
** Your sermons are available 24hrs, unlike radio and TV.
People who miss your Sunday sermons can hear it at will on this website unlike radio and TV.
** You broadcast to the world, over 2billion English speaking people, unlike radio and TV.
** We are cheaper than radio and television. What you pay for a 30-minute sermon on radio and TV is what you pay here for 10 sermons for a whole year!
More people visit this website because they have the ability to choose pastors of their choices and sermons they want to listen to.
More than your Church, ministry or personal website, this website attracts more traffic because this is a professionally designed and well marketed website.
a. This website makes an average of 2.5million hits daily. When fully operational, it will be visited by over 10million people in six months!
b. This websites is linked to over 50 other websites
c. This website is marketed through emails to over 5million people all over the world. We doubt if your website has gone through all these.
On this website, all preachers have equal access. If you have a website or not, famous or not, if you have a large or small ministry, you are all seen at once and choices are made by people who visit us. See here
Sermons are listed according to topics. So you stand a good chance of being heard not according to big names but according to what the Lord has deposited in you.
Preachers on our list gain facial recognition from the public and easy publicity for their churches. You are easily recognised for foreign invitation. Don't forget that so many pastors and churches are not recognised by the major search engine. (For a try, google your picture and name and see if you are known to the search engines)
You are listed free of charge on www.churchesinafrica.org
Your gospel books are listed here free of charge.
As a preacher, you have an opportunity to hear other ministers to know what God's current speakings are.
Every minister of the word wants to be heard. This medium is a veritable one for that purpose.


How to submit Sermons
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How to use this Website
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Benefits of this Website
This is Nigeria's first Christian message web station, visited by internet citizens all over the world.
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