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www.nigeriansermons.com: Making the world your parish
Our Vision
Our vision is to use the Internet technology to reach Christians all over the world, in their homes and offices, with the gospel of Christ as articulated from sermons by Nigerian preachers across the world.
Stop the search for sermons by Nigerian Preachers.
Here they are:

We are targeting over 500 Nigerian preachers of righteousness across Churches.

Preachers whom we know their stories, antecedents, association, calling and proofs of their calling.

Who can participa te? ... Read.

Our purpose is to use the internet to reach homes and offices with the gospel of Christ through sermons by Nigerian preachers.

Observers of Christianity all over the world would reckon that God has an appointment with Nigeria. Some years ago, it was the white man bringing Christianity to Africa. Today, the table has turned. Africans, especially Nigerians now sit at the driver's seat. The white man brought Christianity to Africa. Today, Nigerians preachers are taking souls of even the white man, to God through Christ Jesus. Hallelujah!

It is not an accident that Nigerian Churches are literarily booming in so many countries of the world. It is not fortuitous that Nigerians are pastoring some of the biggest (Pentecostal) Churches in the world. God has an appointment with Nigeria. Key into this website to listen to great messages by these men God is using to change the world.

There is also a great frustration in having access to sermons other preachers in so many great (Nigerian) churches have preached on certain topics. There must be a convergence where, at a glance and with a click of your mouse, you can listen to different sermons, as the Lord has given individual preachers.

There are so many great men of God you have not heard their names and their sermons. This website gives you an opportunity of meeting them. The peculiarity of this website is that the sermons will touch the souls and hearts of Nigerians because majority of the preachers live here in Nigeria.

We do not criticize sermons from abroad. But how can a pastor living in Chicago or London or Japan understand the peculiarity of our daily living and challenges? At least you know that we Africans, sorry Nigerians, are a peculiar people, with peculiar attitudes, responses and experience.

What else?
Do you believe that there are over 2million pornographic sites on the internet? Over 1millions scam related sites? It has been said that 20% of internet users in Africa are engaged in fraud! Imagine!

How do we pursue, overcome and overtake them? How do we re-direct these perishing souls back to life? We don't need to criticize the designers of porn and other negative sites. What do you do? Simply create alternative sites that will steer souls away from those sites. This is one of our purposes.

I share your commitment and am grateful you've found this page. I'm delighted you're taking only a few short minutes to recognize how easy it is to bring His message to you at your convenience.

Just sit back right where you are and click to listen to the messages from your computer. Enjoy hundreds ? of messages that are sure to enrich your spiritual experience...

These messages will build your faith and help you to become a stronger Christian by "Hearing the Word of the Lord."

We also implore you to visit this page now...

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Benefits of this Website
This is Nigeria's first Christian message web station, visited by internet citizens all over the world.
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