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We accept all manner of advertisements on this site except those promoting alcohol, cigarettes and other adverts that do not glorify the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Advert rates:

Adverts are published depending on the space desired.

You can call us or chat with us by adding fellooow2@yahoo.com on your Yahoo Chatroom or Skype.

Adverts will be published only upon your request and approval after seeing the design.

You are expected to make 100% payment upon seeing the initial design for your order.

Livingprojects Limited will not be liable for information supplied by you.

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How to submit Sermons
To broadcast your messages on this website, interested preachers should submit sermons in CDs or DVDs. More >>>
How to use this Website
To listen to sermons on this website, click on the preacher listed on this page. More >>>
Benefits of this Website
This is Nigeria's first Christian message web station, visited by internet citizens all over the world.
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